Life-saving DVT prevention for patients, physicians and facilities.


About National Medical

The absolute experts in DVT prevention

Founded in 2006, National Medical Equipment is a licensed, fully accredited, Medicare-approved DME company. Our adaptable model allows us to offer products and services to healthcare providers, patients and DME companies alike, resulting in increased patient safety, enhanced recovery outcomes, risk mitigation, improved operational workflow and financial performance. With over a decade of experience working hand-in-hand with providers, patients and insurance payers, we have the capability and expertise to develop a tailored program for your product and/or outsourced billing needs.

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Our Goal

To provide access to cost-effective, life-saving equipment; to educate physicians, hospitals, and patients on the true risks of DVT; and to make a significant impact through pain management and healthcare. 


Life-saving technology and cost-saving risk mitigation

A trademark of National Medical Equipment, our Stop a Clot™ program focuses completely on DVT prevention, and is proven to increase patient safety, improve outcomes and significantly reduce facility costs. No other company has done more to drive the importance of post-op care with scientifically based, life-saving technology and excellent support for both providers and patients. We provide preventative education and low-cost equipment to patients. Reducing risk by ~80%, we also provide a significant cost savings and risk-mitigation to facilities and physicians.  

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Our Values



We go beyond the promise.

We work to maintain a reputation of high credibility through consistency in communication and action: we listen to your needs and deliver on our promises to you.



We care through knowledge.

We promote education as the keystone of our proactive approach to healthcare, ensuring that patients, doctors, and facilities are all are cared for in a holistic manner.



We value everyone like family.

We show deep respect for individuals inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live, treating everyone as if they’re an esteemed member of our family.



We stop at nothing for success.

We invest ourselves in the optimal outcome of every patient, and our unwaivering dedication to DVT prevention means that there’s nothing we won’t do to achieve success.



We respond quickly to change.

We streamline our operations to suit any need: our distribution, shipping, and a-la-cart services are customizable, flexible, and tailored to meet the varied needs of each customer.



We act with authenticity.

We are transparent about the services and products we provide, and how we operate. It’s our mission to always do the right thing by our customers and partners.

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